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Hummingbird Migration
Fall 2015

Welcome to the Hummingbird Migration Fall 2015
List of Sightings

See the List of Hummingbird Sightings for Fall 2015 to estimate their arrival in your area in 2016.

Link to the List of Hummingbird Fall Migration 2015 Sightings

Give them a helping hand during the Fall Migration by hanging extra feeders such as the Dr. JB's Feeder!

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You can estimate their journey by viewing our list.

It can be fun to report to others your Fall sightings and keep a record for yourself from year to year.

Please fill out the form below.....

to share "your sightings of FALL 2016".

Those, who are anxiously awaiting the Fall arrivals, will be able to track the hummingbird migration through your posts.


Hint: To find your location, hit Ctrl & F together on your keyboard to open a search box, type your city/town and it will be highlighted in the list of submitted sightings below!


Cornwall, ON - 10th
Lynn, MA - 19th
Pleasant Lake, IN - 22nd
Eastport, MI - 23rd
Ontario, OR - 23rd
Cutler, ME - 24th
Chatteroy, WA - 25th
Mansfield, MA - 25th
Pleasant Lake, IN - 26th
Middletown, CT - 26th

Holland, MI - 27th
Bergen, NY - 28th
Columbus, OH - 28th
Osippe, NH - 29th
Freemont, OH - 29th
Denver, CO - 29th
Mason, IL - 29th
Auburn, MA - 30th
North Kinstown, RI - 30th
Lake Luzerne, NY - 31st
Embden, ME - 31st


Coello, IL - 1st
Bergen, NY - 1st
Elyria, OH - 1st
Lake Elmore, VT - 2nd
North Tonawanda, NY - 2nd
Rome, NY - 2nd
Hudson, NH - 2nd
Boise, ID - 2nd
Milles-Isles, QC - 3rd
Sussex, NJ - 3rd
Edgewood, MD - 3rd
Patuxent River, MD - 3rd
Norwich, CT - 3rd
Arbor Vitae, WI - 3rd
Pocatello, ID - 3rd
Wilmington, DE - 3rd
Wheeling, WV - 4th
Errol, NH - 4th
West Jotdan, UT - 4th
Meridian, ID - 5th
Lexington Park, MD - 6th
Milaca, MN - 6th
Lancaster, MA - 6th
Burlington, MA - 6th
Brunswick, ME - 6th
Huntingtown, MD - 7th
Brunswick, OH - 7th
Beckley, WV - 8th
Kenosha, WI - 8th
Utica, NY - 8th
Beckley, WV - 8th
Yoakum, TX - 9th
Manchester, NH - 9th
Chincoteague Island, VA - 9th
Northboro, MA - 9th
Grand Forks, ND - 9th
Nampa, ID - 9th
Leominster, MA - 10th
Fraser, MI - 11th
Saratoga Springs, UT - 9th
Tilton, NH - 9th
Windham, CT - 9th
Harrisburg, PA - 10th
Camillus, NY - 11th
Grand Lake, CO - 11th
Woodbine, NJ - 11th
Minden, ON - 11th
Hookset, NH - 12th
Norfolk, MA - 12th
Port Matilda, PA - 12th
Chicago, IL - 12th
Glastonbury, CT - 13th
Grand Rapids, MI - 13th
Grayslake, IL - 13th
Lebanon, TN - 13th
Cranston, RI - 13th
Price, UT - 13th
Greenville, NC - 13th
Williams, AZ - 13th
South Haven, MI - 13th
Roseville, MN - 13th
Hamburg, NY - 14th
Crofton, MD - 15th
Wilmington, DE - 15th
Magnolia, MS - 15th
Audubon, PA - 15th
Houston, TX - 15th
Clarkston, MI - 15th

Carlisle, MA - 16th
Hampstead, NH - 16th
Keswick, ON - 16th
Winnipeg, MB - 16th
Toledo, OH - 16th
Brunswick, ME - 17th
Locust Hill, ON - 17th
Riverhead, NY - 17th
Kansas City, MO - 17th
Cornwall, NY - 17th
Newark, DE - 17th
Allison Park, PA - 17th
Brunswick, ME - 17th
Superior Township, Mi - 17th
Cable, WI - 18th
Indianapolis, IN - 18th
East Wakefield, NH - 18th
Minneapolis, MN - 18th
Nottingham, NH - 18th
Bear, DE - 18th
Far Hills, NJ - 18th
Glastonbury, CT - 19th
Wallkill, NY - 19th
Glen Burnie, MD - 19th
Carmel, IN - 19th
Mesick, MI - 19th
Otego, NY - 19th
Belmont, MI - 20th
Verona, WI - 20th
Odell, NE - 20th
Galien, MI - 20th
Dover, OH - 20th
Medford, OR - 20th
Newton, CT - 20th
Thompson, PA - 20th
Plymouth, MI - 21st
Ozark, AL - 21st
Escanaba, MI - 21st
Harwich, MA - 21st
Salem, MI - 21st
Hamden, CT - 21st
Monmouth Junction, NJ - 22nd
Kanob, UT - 22nd
Wallingford, CT - 22nd
Brooklyn, NY - 22nd
Raleigh, NC - 22nd
Wilton, CT - 22nd
Whitingham, VT - 23rd
Wellsville, NY - 23rd
State College, PA - 23rd
Clarksburg, MD - 23rd
Beavercreek, OH - 23rd
East Peoria, IL - 24th
Monroe, OH - 24th
Dwight, NE - 24th
Severn River, MD - 24th
Hamden, CT - 24th
Bloomfield Hills, MI - 24th
Pittsburg, PA - 24th
Poynette, WI - 24th
Kenosha, WI - 24th
Pittsburg, TX - 24th
Mays Landing, NJ - 24th
El Dorado, AR - 25th
Avon, IN - 25th
Nieukirk, IL - 25th
Fairhaven, MA - 25th
Meriden, CT - 26th
Madison, WI - 26th
Eden Prairie, MN - 26th
Sycamore, IL - 26th
Spirit River, AB - 27th
Wakefield, RI - 27th
Hillsdale, MI - 27th
Brick, NJ - 27th
Arnold, MD - 28th
Louisville, KY - 28th
Antioch, TN - 28th
Campbell, WI - 28th
Springfield, VA - 28th
Middlefield, CT - 28th
Tifton, GA - 28th
Fishers, IN - 29th
Des Moines, IA - 29th
Fort Madison, IA - 29th
Rogersville, TN - 29th
Shelton, CT - 29th
Canton, CT - 30th
Wildwood, MO - 30th
Cincinnati, OH - 30th
Media, PA - 30th
South Bend, IN - 30th
Topeka, KS - 30th
Pineville, LA - 30th
Blue Springs, MO - 30th
Kirksville, MO - 30th
Hamburg, NY - 30th


Bethesda, MD - 1st
Elkhorn, WI - 1st
Essex, MD - 1st
Remsenberg, NY - 1st
Brundidge, AL - 1st
McDade, TX - 1st
Stonington, CT - 1st
Delphi, IN - 1st
Parsippany, NJ - 1st
LaPorte, IN - 1st
Mountain Brook, AL - 2nd
Duvakk, KY - 2nd
Baldwin, MD - 2nd
Hutchinson, KS - 2nd
Hermitage, TN - 2nd
Blanchard, OK - 2nd
Rural Hall, NC - 2nd
Hymera, IN - 2nd
Jackson, TN - 2nd
Annandale, VA - 3rd
Raleigh, NC - 3rd
Annapolis, MD - 3rd
Branchville, NJ - 3rd
State College, PA - 3rd
Centreville, VA - 3rd
Maysville, KY - 3rd
Columbia, SC - 3rd
Monroe, CT - 3rd
Vienna, VA - 3rd
Weston, CO - 3rd
Frenchtown, NJ - 4th
Austin, TX - 4th
Perry Hall, MD - 4th
Ottawa, KS - 4th
Chattanooga, TN - 4th
Dillsburg, PA - 4th
Indianola, IA - 4th
Louisville, KY - 4th
LaPorte, IN - 4th
Bowser, BC - 4th
Las Cruces, NM - 4th
Brookfield, CT - 5th
Fairfield, CT - 5th
Urbandale, IA - 5th
Dekalb, IL - 5th
Lawrenceburg, TN - 5th
Rock Hill, SC - 5th
Daphne, AL - 6th
Potomac, MD - 6th
Springfield, VA - 6th
Estill Springs, TN - 6th
Gainsville, VA - 6th
Birmingham, AL - 6th
Asheville, NC - 6th
Marietta, GA - 7th
Sante Fe, MO - 7th
Nottingham, MD - 7th
Muscadine, AL - 8th
Shelbyville, TN - 8th
Bristol, TN - 9th
Louisville, KY - 9th
Edom, TX - 10th
Orleans, IN - 11th
Terre Haute, IN - 11th
Placitas, NM - 12th
Macon, MO - 12th
Olney, MD - 12th
Brundidge, AL - 14th
Perry Hall, MD - 14th

Cuyahoga Falls, OH - 16th
Opelika, AL - 16th
Tryon, NV - 17th
Seneca, SC - 18th
Kingsport, TN - 18th
Tell City, IN - 18th
Bowling Green, KY - 26th
Griffin, GA - 26th
Hoover, AL - 27th


Fill out the form below to share "your LAST sighting of Fall 2016".

Those, who are south of you and anxiously awaiting the Fall arrivals, will be able to track them through your posts when they are getting close.

Please try to estimate the LAST time you had a hummingbird visit your feeder(s).

HINT: Some of our visitors who have a good idea of the last visit to their feeders from year to year and know it is getting close to their departure, will write down the date each day or mark a calender with a sighting until there are no more.

Fall Migration Observations

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

We thank you for participating in tracking the hummingbird migration for the Fall 2015 with your sighting submission.

Please share this page with your family and friends. The more submissions that we receive, the more data is collected to help us determine when our hummingbirds will depart and arrive for others each Fall.

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