Hummingbird Migration
Fall 2019

Welcome to the Hummingbird Migration Fall 2019.

In Fall, the annual hummingbird migration south begins! Hummingbirds travel from their Summer homes in North America to a warmer Winter climate escaping the harsh weather in the north. During the migration some of us will see a huge influx in the hummingbird population at their feeders.

During the Fall Migration hummingbirds engage in a "Feeding Fury" to store energy as fat to power their way south. This is a good time to help by hanging extra feeders to provide much needed accommodations for their long journey.

The migration usually starts in August in the far north and will vary according to the state you live in and the species of hummingbirds you will see. They tend to gather in some southern states because by chance they arrive at the same time. It is not because they travel in flocks.

Use our submission form to post your sightings to our Hummingbird Migration Fall 2019 page!

See the List of Hummingbird Sightings for Fall 2019 to follow the hummingbird migration.

Give them a helping hand during the Fall Migration by hanging extra feeders such as the Dr. JB's Feeder!

See My Dr. JB's Feeder Review!

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You can keep track of their journey by viewing our list. I will be posting your sightings to the list as they come in.

It can be fun to report to others your Fall sightings and keep a record for yourself from year to year.

Please fill out the form below.....

to share "your sightings of FALL 2019".

Those, who are anxiously awaiting the Fall arrivals, will be able to track the hummingbird migration through your posts.


Hint: To find your location, hit Ctrl & F together on your keyboard to open a search box, type your city/town and it will be highlighted in the list of submitted sightings below!

I will be updating the list for each month as your sighting submissions come in.





Fill out the form below to share "your LAST sighting of Fall 2019".

Those, who are south of you and anxiously awaiting the Fall arrivals, will be able to track them through your posts when they are getting close.

Please try to estimate the LAST time you had a hummingbird visit your feeder(s).

HINT: Some of our visitors who have a good idea of the last visit to their feeders from year to year and know it is getting close to their departure, will write down the date each day or mark a calender with a sighting until there are no more.

Fall Migration Observations

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

We thank you for participating in tracking the hummingbird migration for the Fall 2019 with your sighting submission.

Please share this page with your family and friends. The more submissions that we receive, the more data is collected to help us determine when our hummingbirds will depart and arrive for others each Fall.

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