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Hummingbird Water.....

Also helpful for attracting.

Hummingbird Water supplied with Bird Baths and Misters.

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Like all creatures in nature, hummingbirds do need water to drink and bath.
They can drink the morning dew where available.
They like to bath in a rainstorm.
It is fun to watch a hummingbird “take a shower” by sitting open winged in the rain.

Mister Hose Adapter

Bird baths also attract hummingbirds.
These tiny birds use them differently.
They dive but only skim the surface of many birdbaths.
The water is often too deep for them to immerse themselves.
Hummingbirds like to take a bath in a backyard sprinkler or a hummingbird mister that is commercially made to attach to your garden hose.

Purchase the Easy Mister.

Hanging Birdbath

Some birdbaths are made to hang , making them less available to predators.

We don’t want our precious “Tiger” the cat getting any ideas.
An ideal birdbath for hummingbirds should be shallow or multi-leveled with a miniature rim.
We know that hummingbirds can’t walk but love to perch.
Hummingbirds can grip the edge of these birdbaths.
It’s amusing to watch them dip their bills and splash with their wings.

Here is another option:

Birdbath Mister Insert

A Solar Mister Insert!
See the Floating Solar Birdbath Bubbler

These are great if you already have a birdbath or you want to pick any birdbath that fits your fancy and you would also like to supply the gentle mist for our hummingbirds.
These inserts operate on solar power. (no electricity needed or extension cords to hassle with!)
Just set the solar panel/collector in the sun, insert the pump/mister into any birdbath and you will have a "Solar Powered Misting Birbath" for your hummingbird family.

An interesting note: A hummingbird needs to rinse all of that sticky nectar from their bills.
A hummingbird bird bath will help them do just that, as often as they like, without waiting for the rain to come.

What about hummingbird water in a drought?

We often receive questions from our visitors asking about hummingbirds and a drought. The most asked question is "I haven't seen as many hummingbirds this Spring/Summer, could the drought be the cause?"

Unfortunately, yes a drought can have a very strong impact on the hummingbird population. In drought conditions there are less wildflowers, therefore less nectar available to hummingbirds. Another factor could be that there are less insects hatching which means a limited supply of protein.

According to the Audubon Society, lack of water causes stress to hummingbirds and they do advise that we supply a water source along with our feeders.

There are varying degrees of drought conditions therefore the impact will also vary accordingly.

Let’s help our friends out all we can and supply them with a hummingbird water source.

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