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Life as a Hummingbird

by Gabriel 13

I find my life to be a fast paced one
Being a small bird means nothing
I can flap my wings pretty fast
Flying around looking for the sweet nectar of plants
I might be small
But I can live a long life
People have developed myths about me
The fast flapping of my wings creates an almost humming sound
I have the fastest metabolism of all animals
Being characterized as a small bird is only a label
My wings can flap pretty fast
For reproduction we males don’t take part
Our nests are about the size of a walnut
We come in different colors and live in different parts of the world
We migrate to Mexico and Central America when the weather gets cold
That’s pretty much it
Being a hummingbird you’re pretty tiny
Love to drink nectar
And you fly pretty fast due to your constantly flapping wings

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