Little Hummingbird

by Jerrin Mathew ,AGE12
(C-174 S-4 SCH no.78 Vijaynagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh,India)

Straight forward of my room window,
over the national highway,
high above my shelter,
flocks of them sit day by day,
their shinning neck and pointed beak,
and little tripping feet,
by fluttering wings twinkling eyes,
humming voices low and sweet.
In childhood games and meetings,
to them I always see,
for these little humming friends,
are always very close to me.
They come to human feeders,
quick are they to feel my word,
I dedicate my poem for them,
to my hummingbird readers.
Just in small flight, chasing sky,
and goes out from my village lane,
its time to say them goodbye,
hum always come again.

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