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my favorite Hummingbird

by Jerrin Mathew ,AGE12
(C-174 S-4 SCH no.78 Vijaynagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh,India)

She is lightning beauty of all times,
she hums and sings with rhymes.
She is the smallest of all,
she is found during spring,
and during season when leaves get fall.
Flying together in sky as a flock,
at the door of every flower they knock.
Looks awesome when sunlight is combined,
just in a look can change our mind.
Over every flower they fly,
everyone wants to say them hi.
I know all that glitters is not gold,
but seeing them shining ,
My happiness and joy I cannot hold.
whenever I see she is always in glee,
She is the most beautiful bird for me.
I am waiting for a chance to meet,
but unfortunately she doesn't come in my city street.
That's why every year i walk to my village,
for taking her beautiful image.
She's everyone's favorite bird,
she is all around the world ,
she is my favorite humming bird.

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