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Report a Hummingbird Sighting

You have come to right place to report a hummingbird sighting!

Here is our Report a Hummingbird Sighting Form to report your sightings.

We have been tracking the Hummingbird Migration each year since 2009. 

Our visitors report a hummingbird sighting and our migration map is updated many times each day to bring you the most current migration map on the web!

We receive well over 8000 hummingbird Spring and Fall sighting reports each year, adding up to over 88,000,000 sightings in the history of our hummingbird migration map and viewed more than 20,500,000 times since we at "The Hummingbird Guide" have been tracking the hummingbird migration each year.

We have also been tracking the Fall Hummingbird Migration since 2015, one of the very few hummingbird sites who track the migration during this time of year.

Some ask, "Why track the Fall Migration?"

Tracking the Fall migration gives warning to those who see a large influx of hummingbirds to their feeders on their way to the Winter habitat in Mexico and Central America. This warning helps our visitors to be ready with extra feeders and nectar for the migrating hummingbirds who need the nutrition and fuel for their long journey.

Now Tracking
the 2020 Fall Hummingbird Migration

Please post your very last sighting (very important) at your feeders in the form below. This will be indication that our hummingbirds are on the move south.


  1. Observe hummingbirds at your feeders each day
  2. You don't see any visitors for 2 (two) days to your feeders
  3. Report the LAST date you had hummingbirds at your feeders

Hummingbird Fall Migration Map and
Sightings Report 2020

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