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The Hum of the Hummingbird

by Lauren Lindberg
(Cudahy, WI, USA)

The morning sun rises, and dew is on the ground,
but yet the hummingbirds flutter all around.
Looking for the sweet nectar juice that they so desire,
calming and soothing, just like a warm fire.
As they flap their wings at a fascinating speed,
they're looking for a delicious morning feed.
As I sit relaxed, watching they're wings that are blurred,
I hear the hum of the hummingbird.
Peaceful and delicate, these little, tiny creatures,
They suck nectar out of the feeder from a tiny beak, one of many, many features.
The sun now rising higher and higher,
the little bird looks as if it will never tire.
Friends join this lonely fellow,
their hum sounding gentle, just like a cello.
And as they zoom, and fly away
the hum of the hummingbird stays with me all day.

Lauren Lindberg age 11

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