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The Journey of the Humming Bird

by Isabel Sethi age 12
(5 Mcknight Court Cranbury 08512 NJ USA)

The sun peeks its head over the horizon
Bathing the Earth with its warmth
Rays of light shine on delicate flowers
Their petals weighed down by droplets of sparkling diamonds
Set in flames by the burning blaze of light high above
The tiny bird beats its fragile wings with relish
Only a tiny hum can be heard
All that is seen is an iridescent blur as it zips from one flower to the next
The bird dips its head gently so its slender beak reaches into the tubular flower
To drink greedily the sweet nectar hidden within the blossom
But soon the warm hazy days turn to a gelid winter
The colorful birds are no longer seen
Not long after
The snow soon dissolves revealing the life beneath the frost
And the vibrant bird will be back from its long trip
Ready to start a new life

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