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The Mysterious Buzz

by Min Su Age 12
(Charlottesville, VA, USA)

A flutter and hum in the sky,
What could it ever be?
A swoop, a dive, then it is gone.
Maybe it’s here for me.

Could it be a fly or a bird?
A faint buzz fills my ears.
Maybe it is a bumblebee.
What’s this sound that I hear?

A flash of color against blue,
A shock for me to see.
What could this colorful thing be?
This is perplexing me.

And so I search up on ‘Google,’
Bright, beautiful, and buzz.
The results show a hummingbird.
Of course, that’s what it was!

And so outside I go once more,
To meet up with this bird,
A speck that is still important.
The graceful hummingbird.

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