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the summertime hummingbird

by Sairah Amjad aged 12

As the flowers grow and the sun shines
The hummingbird flies in straight little lines
It flaps its wings and buzzes its beak
A hummingbird is, certainly unique

It flies around me as I lie in the sun
I play with it for a bit, oh what fun!
At springtime it likes to fly around me
Its so cute and sweet, nothing like a bee!

It is so small with its tiny wings
Oh, how I love to hear it sing!
It is so tiny and small
It has a sweet call.

It flies around the flowers
As they show their color
It looks so cute
so cute, I can't compute

The smallest bird, is the hummingbird
It is so nice, but can't say a word
I see only fuzz, I hear it buzz
It talks so loud, and looks like that cloud

Nature is so beautiful and wondrous,
It makes the world so tremendous
I hope it never leaves the Earth
For it gives us the hummingbird!

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