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True Strength

by Finnley Brakke age 11
(Kailua, HI)

I am walking through a forest. Yet it is not really a forest.
All of the trees have been cut down. The streams have stopped flowing. The air seems gloomy and sad.
Even though there are no trees to provide shade, I cannot feel the sunlight.
I get to the center of the forest and begin to feel an aura of hope.
I hear the gentle rustle of a stream, before I see it. I know that it can't be true, but there it is, a beautiful stream that leads to a waterfall. Atop the water, glides a hummingbird, unaffected by the changes. This lone bird has stayed strong and endured. When all of the others were gone, he remained.
Behind the stream a single tree stood alone. It was covered in moss and dripping from water.
Inside the tree I noticed a smaller hummingbird. This one still seemed strong, but it also still had its innocence because it had not yet had to find out what true strength is.
Suddenly, right next to the tree, a small sprout appeared, and I was reminded of something that I had long forgotten. You are never alone, and that is why we must always have hope. There is always someone who will come to your rescue if you just hold on.
And I left the forest, remembering the hummingbird, and knowing that no matter what happens, I must always stay strong, just like the hummingbird.

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