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Follow the 2022 hummingbird migration and sightings report with the Hummingbird Migration Map 2022. Updated hourly with the most current sightings.

Now that our beloved hummingbirds have reached their final destinations, our mapping of the Spring Migration of 2022 has ended.

We would like to thank everyone who has submitted their sightings. It is always very valuable information to us keeping track of the data from year to year and also to our visitors who follow the migration!

You have come to right place to report a hummingbird sighting!

Here is our Report a Hummingbird Sighting Form to report your sightings.

We have been tracking the Hummingbird Migration each year since 2009. 

Our visitors report a hummingbird sighting and our migration map is updated many times each day to bring you the most current migration map on the web!

We receive well over 8000 hummingbird Spring and Fall sighting reports each year, adding up to over 88,000,000 sightings in the history of our hummingbird migration map and viewed more than 20,500,000 times since we at "The Hummingbird Guide" have been tracking the hummingbird migration each year.

We have also been tracking the Fall Hummingbird Migration since 2015, one of the very few hummingbird sites who track the migration during this time of year.

To report your Winter Hummingbird Sighting for 2022 click here.

Some ask, "Why track the Fall Migration?"

Tracking the Fall migration gives warning to those who see a large influx of hummingbirds to their feeders on their way to the Winter habitat in Mexico and Central America. This warning helps our visitors to be ready with extra feeders and nectar for the migrating hummingbirds who need the nutrition and fuel for their long journey.

How will following the Hummingbird Migration Map 2022 help hummingbirds!

In the Spring, the annual hummingbird migration to their Summer destination begins! These gorgeous birds travel from their winter homes in South or Central America and Mexico towards the refreshing breezes in the north.

Hummingbirds expend a tremendous amount of energy during their migration journey. Weather conditions will alter hummingbird migration by affecting the time when flowers will bloom and the supply of nectar is available. In this event, it is very important to have feeders ready for them. 

Following our Spring 2022 migration map will give warning of their arrival and when to hang our feeders. This will vary according to the state you live in and the species of hummingbirds you will see.

Please post your sightings to help others get ready for their arrival. See the up-to-date sightings on the 2022 map posted by fellow hummingbird enthusiasts to follow their journey.

 Submit Your Sightings to Our Hummingbird Migration Map 2022!

Report Your Sighting!

Our Hummingbird Spring Migration Map for 2022 Is Now Up!

Hummingbird Migration Map 2022

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We, who are anxiously awaiting the Spring arrivals, will be able to track the hummingbird migration through your posts.

SPRING 2022  

 NOTE: You will not see your submission immediately on the map below, your sighting submissions will be periodically updated throughout the day.

Please submit just ONE sighting (Your First Sighting).

Click the markers to see the location of that sighting.
I will be updating the map daily as we receive your sightings.
You can keep track of their journey by viewing our interactive map.

It can be fun to report to others your first sightings and keep a record for yourself from year to year.

 NOTE: You will not see your submission immediately on the map below, your sighting submissions will be periodically updated throughout the day.

Please submit just ONE sighting (Your First Sighting).


Tip: Zoom in and out using the "Zoom Icon" in the lower left corner to separate (give space around the markers) then click the markers to see the date, location and species. You can also drag the map around to zoom into a particular area.

Note: For Directions To Find A Post(s)/Sighting(s) For A Specific "City, State" Click HERE.

We thank you for submitting your sighting and participating in the tracking of the Hummingbird Migration Spring 2022 .

Please share this page with your family and friends. The more submissions that we receive, the more data is collected to help us all to determine when our hummingbirds will arrive each Spring.

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