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Species of Hummingbirds South

This list contains the species of hummingbirds South. That is, hummingbirds in the southern states.

For convenience, they are listed in alphabetical order, not by frequency of sightings.

Please note that we are not ornithologists.

This is better suited for personal use rather than scientific study of any kind.

Of course, we would love any input from ornithologists who might enjoy adding to our list.

We would also love to hear from any of our visitors.

If you have a hummingbird sighting that you’d like to share, please use the "Contact Us" form.

There have been many sighting of hummingbirds in southern states such as Georgia.

Wintering hummingbirds continue to need food.

Many southerners worry about how to care for these winter hummingbirds during a cold snap.

Kind folks have rigged up all kinds of heaters to keep nectar from freezing during a cold snap.

Hummingbirds can keep themselves warm at night by going into a semi-hibernation state called torpor.

Be cautious because the birds appear dead and take some time in the morning to wake up. Usually, if not frozen, they will wake up.

You can always call upon your local wildlife rehabilitation association if you are concerned.

Ironically, in the summer months the heat can be extreme and because of this hummingbirds may need a helping hand with a hummingbird water supply.

Some of the species of hummingbirds spotted in winter are the Allen’s, Rufous, Ruby-throated, Broad-tailed, and Buff-bellied hummingbirds.

Happy Hummingbird Sightings!


Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Blue-throated, Buff-bellied, Calliope, Magnificent, Ruby-throated


Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Buff-bellied, Calliope, Green Violet-Ear, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Anna’s, Bahama Woodstar, Black-chinned, Calliope, Cuban Emerald, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Blue-throated, Broad-billed, Buff-bellied, Calliope, Green Violet-ear, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Calliope, Ruby-throated, White-eared


Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Calliope, Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Calliope, Green-breasted Mango, Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Allen’s, Calliope, Black-chinned, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Black-chinned, Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous


Black-chinned, Green Violet-ear, Ruby-throated, Rufous

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